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Air Fryer Soft Pretzel Recipe Cooking With Kids

Air Fryer Soft Pretzel Recipe Cooking With Kids

1 pkg. crescent refrigerator rolls
1/2 cup water (room temp is fine)
Course Kosher Salt and/or Sesame seeds
non-stick cooking spray

  • Remove the dough from the package. Roll it out into a rectangle.
  • Slice the dough into 1? or 1 12? strips lengthwise.
  • Roll up each strip into a log at least 12? long. The roll should be about 1/2 inch thin. Then shape into a pretzel. (TIP: test bake one or two pretzels to see how much they increase after baking. You can then adjust the size you roll the dough into the size you prefer – thicker pretzel or a thin pretzel.
  • etc
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  • For Full Instruction: wineladycooks.com

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